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We're based in Boston, but we're eager to add the right accomplished, motivated, ingenious, crafty and collaborative folks from any corner of this great, big world. See our open positions below. If you sense a good fit, drop us a line.

Staff Software Engineer - React, Redux


At Monit, we’re building tools to help businesses understand their cash flow trends and run scenarios when they’re considering making a change that affects their one-time or recurring cash flow position.

Where we are today

Historically, Monit has worked with a single vendor in the Boston area to develop and deliver the product to our users. That has worked well, but with our recent seed round, it’s time to bring engineering in-house, and build an inclusive, exceptional engineering culture that will carry us through the next stages of the company’s and product’s lifecycle.

We have many of the right foundational pieces:

  • All source code exists in GitHub, and is reviewed before being merged
  • Every pull request is built with CircleCI or GitHub Actions and deployed to our dev environment
  • All environments are infrastructure-as-code via terraform; ClickOps is not a thing in our application environments
  • Environments are getting closer to being fully disposable, though we’re not quite there yet
  • The backend is stateless, and 12-factor-y, if you’re familiar with that paradigm

What our stack looks like

  • Backend is a mix of Java and C#
  • Frontend is React + Redux
  • CI/CD pipeline is CircleCI or GitHub Actions, with new stuff using GitHub Actions
  • We are in the process of migrating from Beanstalk to Fargate, which will be done by the end of December
  • Where possible, we use AWS backplane services instead of maintaining a self-hosted equivalent

Where and how you fit in

The backend is wholly owned internally, and we know where its strengths and weaknesses lie. We do not yet have a strong front end developer to take ownership of that crucial piece of the product experience.

While we’re in the process of doing that, we need to build our engineering culture. We believe it is crucial to get the early foundations right because they carry the weight of the future.

The product exists, has users, and there’s a significant feature backlog. However there are also some big questions that we’re starting to face as customer interest grows and use cases become more complex. As an early, senior engineering leader, one of your responsibilities will be to help us navigate those tradeoffs while also setting the tone for the less experienced engineers.

Required People Skills

  • An ability to educate and communicate effectively with non-technical people
  • A bias for action, and an ability to work autonomously while navigating uncertainty
  • A preference for decomplection and reasoning from first principles balanced with the wisdom to know when a deep refactoring isn’t worth the cost. And conversely: to know when it IS worth the cost.
  • A desire to mentor less experienced engineers and grow an engineering culture from the ground up
  • Pragmatism over dogma with respect to technical tradeoffs
  • A desire and willingness to help these poor backend engineers write better job descriptions for other front end developers!

Tech skills

  • Track record of delivery in highly-functional tech environment, preferably one that is cloud-first
  • Familiarity with cloud architectural patterns, and the technologies that underpin these patterns: microservices, message queues, eventing & event sourcing, container orchestration, etc. WAF, DDOS protections, CDNs, and their intersection with front-end user experience.
  • A strong preference for infrastructure-as-code. You don’t need to be a terraform expert on day 1, but ClickOps aren’t part of our DNA, and never will be.
  • Deep familiarity with one or more mainstream programming languages, with a general preference for functional or object-functional design patterns. If you prefer TypeScript to JavaScript on the front-end, you’ll probably fit right in.
  • Huge plus: secure-by-design patterns and practice (and passion!)
  • Experience developing and delivering software in a highly-regulated environment
  • A preference for “doing” over “managing”


  • 5-10 years of experience of software engineering experience
  • 2+ years of building and administering distributed applications using a major cloud platform
  • 2+ years of experience managing a team of 5 or so people. This need not be formal people management; “guiding my team and its output as a senior member of technical staff” is what we’re looking for. Dedicated Engineering Managers will come later.


We are based in the Boston area, but most of our team works remotely, and we have folks in Texas and on the West Coast. Approximately quarterly, we get together as a team in the Boston area, but day-to-day, we are remote.


CX Strategy Lead

We’re looking for an experienced customer experience strategist to help us define and execute methods that will allow us to perpetually deepen our understanding of business and bank needs, define/prioritize opportunities and thoughtfully evolve our business and bank-facing products.

Applicants should have 5+ years experience doing primary customer research (e.g. interviews, ethnographic studies), defining and leading quantitative research efforts (surveys and owned/3rd-party data analysis) and facilitating co-design and user testing efforts. Experience in financial services and/or with guidance platforms or tools is preferred. A passion for innovation and enthusiasm for drawing upon out-of-vertical best practices is also highly valued. The ability to collaborate closely with product, technology, and design leads is of course a must. Note that at Monit, we value deep intellectual/emotional investment, proactivity and a sane and healthy work/life balance.

Compensation: Competitive salary depending on experience + equity participation.



UX Designer

Are you a whip-smart UX designer with a passion for making digital experiences that are ever-simpler and more delightful? Do you like to devise and design things that help smart, busy people work and live better?

Very good then. 

Applicants should have 3+ years designing digital products (web apps and device-native) and strong command of contemporary UX and visual design tools, particularly Figma. A passion for rapid innovation and prototyping and enthusiasm for drawing upon out-of-vertical best practices is highly valued. The ability to collaborate closely with product, CX strategy and technology leads is of course a must. Note that at Monit, we value deep intellectual/emotional investment, proactivity and a sane and healthy work/life balance. 

Compensation: Competitive salary depending on experience + equity participation.

Interested? Contact us at Please provide an online portfolio link or pdf of relevant work samples. 


Client Success Manager

Are you obsessed with keeping demanding clients on track and exceeding their expectations? Do you love the idea of leveraging modern technology products to bring lumbering enterprises (banks!) into the modern age? Do you have a soft spot for small businesses?

Monit might be right for you.

We are looking for an experienced professional who wants to make our bank customers successful by working with them from day 1 to roll-out and optimize the Monit platform.


  • You have a 100% focus on existing customers
  • You are responsible for customer satisfaction and act as the central liaison for Monit
  • You handle and resolve customer requests and feedback


  • You are able to communicate clearly and effectively with strong skills both written and verbal
  • You have the ability to focus on measurable results and can analyze performance data to act accordingly
  • You are highly organized and able to multitask
  • You have a history of taking initiative, being flexible, and adapting easily
  • You are experienced in customer success processes
  • You have very strong interpersonal skills with a demonstrated ability to achieve results through influence
  • You have a passion for service
  • Experience in banking and/or fintech preferred

Compensation: Competitive salary depending on experience + equity participation.


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