Better Forecasts. Smarter Decisions.

We provide clear cash flow forecasts, personalized financial insights and easy-to-use decision modeling tools. In just 5 minutes, you can sign-up, connect your accounting software and be up-and-running.

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More Clear Views

Strip away the clutter and view real-time vitals like accounts receivable/payable, revenue and profit - anywhere, anytime.

Smart Cash Flow Forecasts

See the road ahead, identify key cash flow trends and specific, upcoming risks and opportunities.

Personalized Insights

Get actionable notifications and guidance grounded in your real numbers - and those of other businesses like your's.

Easy Event Modeling

Quickly see the potential cash flow impact of new hires, equipment purchases, marketing campaigns and more.

Everything In One Place? That Day Is Here

All Key Data, Even Better Guidance, Delivered How You Like

We've built Monit to be easy for banks to integrate with most online banking platforms. So you can finally have a comprehensive view of "what is" today and what lies ahead tomorrow - and better put a bank's financial acumen to work for your business. Best of all, with Monit you can engage daily, a few times a month or not at all after set-up. It's always working for you behind the scenes. Take a look.

You Can Lean In

Monit can be used as a stand-alone financial companion or to enhance your bank's mobile app.

You can actively track business vitals, access cash-flow forecasts and model cash flow-relevant decisions, whenever/wherever you like.

You Can Sit Back

If you like, once you connect your accounting software you can wait for us to come to you.

You'll be notified when we forecast a cash flow risk or opportunity and we'll provide monthly reports with projections and guidance.

Schedule a Demo

Our flexible partnership options can support a quick, bank-branded deployment or a fully embedded bank digital experience. Please reach out to discuss the best approach for you bank.

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